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Zetahive completely migrated our old wordpress site to Next.JS static site. Our web vitals are now far better. The site is fast and responsive.

- IT Staffing Agency Owner


Initial Load Time Reduced


Monthly Spend Reduced

Why JAMStack over others?


Cost Effective

JAMstack shines in terms of cost-efficiency. The streamlined architecture, low hosting costs, and minimal maintenance requirements make it a cost-effective choice for scaling web projects.

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JAMstack's architecture, with its static site generation and content delivery networks (CDNs), excels in speed. Static files, pre-built and optimized, resulting in lightning-fast loading times.

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Highly Secure

JAMstack's architecture minimizes vulnerabilities. With no server-side rendering, the risk of server attacks like DDoS is significantly reduced. Content delivery via CDNs enhances security.

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Headless E-Commerce — JAMStack Storefront

Get the fully built E-Commerce starter kit to convert your store to headless one.

Ready made kit for


Convert your old clunky e-commerce store to headless one using Next.JS and improve site performance and save costs.


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Full stack web development

Full Stack Product development — SaaS MVP development, dashboards and Internal tools.

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